​Zebugraphant and the Big Trunk, Part 4

Zebugraphant didn’t even hesitate. She ran to the pond and sucked up as much water as she could through her trunk. Then she ran over to where Quackalingo stood and sprayed him with the full force of her trunk, putting out the fire and practically showering every animal within sight.
The forest calmed as everyone saw that Quackalingo was okay. “How do you feel?” Zebugraphant asked.
Quackalingo looked up at her with a huge smile on his face. “You saved me! Everyone, did you see that? Zebugraphant saved me!”
Zebugraphant smiled, relived that her friend was okay. All of a sudden, all of the small animals were running up to her. “Z! Z! Will you spray me? Will you spray me? Will you spray me? Can we play?”
Before she could answer, Quackalingo was speaking again. “I am so glad you came back Zebugraphant. Not only can you fly and run, you can use your trunk to put out fires! It’s awesome!”
Zebugraphant felt a huge wave of happiness wash over her. Never once had she ever considered the benefits of her trunk, but today—for the first time—she was glad she had it!