Why Be Normal When You Can Be Unique

mixedUPPETS Unique Pets

The best part about our mixedUPPETS is that they are totally, 100% unique. There are no other animals quite like them and they love to embrace their differences. From the Mooraffe to the Skoink, their traits, skills, and qualities vary as much as their looks. This is what makes them special, in the same way that each person’s differences make them special!

It is easy to compare ourselves to others. Sometimes, you may see someone who gets better grades or is better at sports and wonder what it is that you are missing. However, when you do this you are forgetting all the special qualities you possess. No one is perfect and comparing yourself to someone else is silly because everyone has their own unique gifts that help to make them special. By focusing on the positive things about yourself, you help others to see the positives in themselves too, which is really cool!

Being confident in your quirks and things that you may think are “weird” about yourself is very important. Quirks are what make people interesting and while you may think that some things you do are weird, that is not the case! If everyone was the same, the world would be pretty boring. You’ll find that as you get older the things about yourself that you might not like are often what helps to make you a well-rounded, exciting adult.

Instead of trying to fit in, always try to celebrate your differences. You wouldn’t want to change the mixedUPPETS, even though they are very different, and you shouldn’t want to change yourself!