Weird Things Animals Eat

Let’s be honest: animals are weird. No matter how much research is done or how many studies are conducted, scientists and animal enthusiasts will never be able to understand everything about animal behavior. Why can your pup stand up to a dog twice its size, but shakes in fear when he sees a plastic bag? Why does your cat insist on watching you without blinking while you work? We may never know. (However, the Internet thanks all the weird animals, for providing hours of entertainment!)
The same can be said for the strange things animals eat. From children’s toys to their own vomit, we have no explanations for why animals ate the following weird things.
Every year, Veterinary Practice News hosts a radiograph contest called “They Ate WHAT?” Veterinary clinics that enter the contest must have successfully removed the item in question from the animals. In 2014, a team from Paws & Claws Animal Hospital in Texas removed 30 ornamental rocks from the stomach of an exotic frog named Kermit. Other entries included a Great Dane that once ate 43 socks and a pug that ate one quarter and 104 pennies—$1.29 total.
However, not all of our animal stories are crimes of opportunity. Some animals simply have strange innate eating habits. For example, giant anteaters appear to collect ants by sniffing them through their noses. However, they are actually using their long tongues, which are usually two feet long, to collect the ants. The inside of their mouths then act as a food processor, crushing the insects inside.
The Egyptian vulture has no sense of smell, so it relies on its vision to locate food. These vultures dumpster dive for rotten fruits and vegetables, and they have even been known to consume feces.