Virtual pets you can adopt today!

mixedUPPETS World Virtual Pets

While it can be enjoyable to have a pet, not everyone can have one in real life. Some people have allergies, some people don’t have enough space, and sometimes pets just don’t work out for every family. Luckily, there is technology that provides us with the ability to have pets online if we cannot have them in real life!

Virtual pets allow you to have all the fun of a real pet through the computer. mixedUPPETS World lets you have this exact experience. Start by visiting and creating your virtual pet. You even get to choose a house for them. Then, create a pet screen name and begin! Dr. Genetipetz will explain this unique world to you and help you navigate the website. Just like a real pet, these pets need care to stay happy and healthy. You also get to play fun games along the way. These pets are unlike any pet you’ve ever seen, and their unique qualities make them special. You can read about their different traits on the mixedUPPETS website!

If you like animals and playing video games, a virtual pet is a perfect pet for you. Even if you already have a pet in real life, you can also adopt a virtual mixedUPPET. They are so much fun; every kid will want one of their own. These virtual pets are perfect for anyone so be sure to ask your parents if you can adopt one today!