Upcycling Your Summer Carnivals Prizes

Upcycle Carnival Prizes

There is nothing quite like a county fair. The smell of deep-fried funnel cakes and fresh-squeezed lemonade wafting through the air, the exciting sounds of motocross racing or the demolition derby contestants warming up their vehicles and the glitz and glamour of the brightly lit up rides can overwhelm the senses.

One of the most time-honored traditions of any fair are the traditional games. Whether you’re trying to land a ring around a glass bottle, hit a target with plastic gun or toss a ball into a glass cup, fair games are tough. On that rare occasion that you can call yourself a winner, you may find yourself the owner of a life-size stuffed animal as your prize (better than a goldfish, right?). While your date or your child may be impressed and dazzled in the moment, what can you do with this larger-than-life prize once the fair has packed up and skipped town? Check out these tips!

1. Donate them to a charity. There are a variety of children’s charities that accept stuffed animals that are in good condition. You can light up a child’s life with your large donation, and you’ll feel good about parting with your pal. Don’t limit yourself to your recent summer saves; consider donating those fluffy friends you’ve been holding on to since childhood!

2. Get crafty. As with anything, Pinterest is full of ideas for turning your carnival prize into a unique craft. Consider turning your childhood toy into modern art or a scarf or purse!

3. Gift them to man’s best friend! Even if it only lasts one day, your dog or cat will get hours of enjoyment out of your stuffed animals. Just be sure to remove any items that can come loose and be swallowed like plastic eyes, ribbons and tags.