Snurtlegator and the Super-Secret Surprise, Part3

“I just can’t believe he ran away without listening to what you had to say Hawx,” Mooraffe said in an annoyed tone. “Mouseaphant could have been really hurt, and Snurtlegator just kept laughing and laughing!”
“Now remember Mooraffe, Snurtlegator is still young. He will outgrow his playfulness eventually,” Hawx said wisely.
“Still, he should be here apologizing to Mouseaphant and working with the rest of us to get the pond ready for Dr. G,” Mooraffe said. “There is a time to work and a time to play.”
Snurtlegator looked up through the water at Mouseaphant, who hadn’t said a word. He was carefully placing each plant and patting the dirt around them. Snurtlegator could see rings under his eyes like he hadn’t gotten much sleep.
When all of the Genetipetz decided to take a break for lunch, Quackalingo hopped in the pond for a refreshing swim as Snurtlegator waited below the surface. Quackalingo was in the perfect position for Snurtlegator to scare. He could simply stick his head up above the surface or slither around Quackalingo’s long flamingo legs. This was the opportunity he had been waiting for all day, but all of a sudden Snurtlegator wasn’t feeling so playful.
He kept replaying the things Mooraffe and Hawx had said about him. Had he really hurt Mouseaphant? Was he not acting grown-up enough? Snurtlegator wanted to run away and curl up in his hole in the forest, but he was stuck waiting in the water until all the other Genetipetz left for the evening. After several more long hours, the last Genetipetz had left the clearing.
Will Snurtlegator help the other Genetipetz finish Dr. G’s surprise or will still be up to his old tricks? Check out the final installment next week!