​Snurtlegator and the Super-Secret Surprise, Part 4

Snurlegator slowly made his way back to his hole, but when he got there, he wasn’t even hungry enough to eat the kiwis and coco beans he had been saving. His stomach was in knots as he thought about the other Genetipetz working so hard to prepare the dock for Dr. G. Why hadn’t he tried to help them?
Snurtlegator tossed and turned all night, but his dreams were filled with guilty visions of Mouseaphant falling into the pond and the other Genetipetz hard at work planting and weeding.
As soon as he saw the sun coming up over the trees, Snurtlegator ran as fast as he could to the pond. He looked around to see what needed finished. Working as quickly as he could, Snurtlegator repaired the remaining two holes in the dock, planted the rest of the beautiful purple irises around the pond and pulled all of the remaining weeds he could find. As he was putting the last iris into place he heard the other animals start to trickle in.
He heard murmuring as the other Genetipetz all looked around in amazement to see their project completed. When he looked up, he saw Hawx looking down with a smile. As the other animals gathered around to thank him, he saw Mouseaphant sitting along on the other side of the pond. Snurtlegator walked slowly over to where Mouseaphant sat, afraid of scaring him again.
“Mousephant, I am so sorry I scared you,” Snurtlegator said quietly. “I hope you’re okay and that you can forgive me.”
Mouseaphant looked up at Snurtlegator timidly. After a few minutes, he broke out into a wide smile. “You know,” Mouseaphant said, “the flowers you planted last night could probably use some water. How about we get it together?”