Snurtlegator and the Super-Secret Surprise, Part 2

As Mooraffe and Quackalingo tried to calm Mouseaphant down, Hawx approached Snurtlegator with an angry look on his face.
“Snurtlegator, that wasn’t funny,” Hawx said. “Mouseaphant can’t swim!”
Snurtlegator barely heard Hawx’s next words as he turned and slithered into the trees. Part snake, part turtle and part alligator, Snurtlegator could be clever and sneaky.
Because he was still so young, Snurtlegator loved to play and tease. He continued to laugh to himself as he made his way back to a hole he had dug in the forest. He settled down inside to enjoy some red hot candies he had found while slithering around Dr. G’s office and thought about what kind of prank he would pull tomorrow.
The next day, Snurtlegator woke up at the crack of dawn. The night before, while eating his second box of candy, he had a brilliant idea. He quickly made his way down to the pond and dove into the shallow, murky water on the far side. His plan was to wait for his friends to arrive. He knew Hawx would be watching for him to return so he could reprimand him for frightening Mouseaphant, but they would never suspect that he was already there.
Snurtlegator snoozed off and on until the sounds of the other animals woke him. He dove under the water to make sure he wasn’t seen, ready to wait for the perfect moment to pop out. The other animals were soon hard at work on the dock. Mooraffe was placing new boards over the holes in the dock, Hawx was using his beak to pull weeds and Mouseaphant was planting purple irises along the edge of the pond. Snurtlegator swam over to where they were working to eavesdrop on their conversation.
What do the other Genetipetz have to say about Snurtlegator? Will Snurtlegator “surprise” another one of his friends? Find out next week!