Should You Let Your Pets Sleep With You?

There’s a reason dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” With an estimated 62 percent of American households owning at least one pet and an entire digital database of animal-themed memes to explore, there’s no question that we love and adore our pets.

However, one common question remains: Should we let our pets sleep with us? According to the American Pet Products Association, that question has already been answered by almost half of dog lovers and 62 percent of cat lovers, who revealed that their furry friends sleep in their beds. Still, if you’re concerned about cleanliness or quality of rest, check out these pros and cons for letting your pets sleep with you.

Con: Fleas and ticks

Unfortunately, your pets may be bringing more than just love and affection into your bed. If your dog or cat has any fleas or ticks hidden in their fur, they can end up on your sheets, blankets or your body.

Pro: Togetherness

You spend most of the day away from your pet, whether at school or at work. If your evenings are also packed full of meetings, practices and other obligations, nighttime may be the best quality time you get with your furry friend.

Con: Allergies

Pet hair and dander can irritate sensitive allergies, especially if it builds up on your sheets and blankets over time.

Pro: Happiness

It is obvious that pets bring joy into our lives. Some studies reveal that their touch and presence, even while we sleep, may reduce fear, anxiety and stress. Plus, there is nothing sweeter than pet cuddles!

Con: Quality of sleep

No matter whether your dog or cat is large or small, their presence in your bed can disrupt your quality of sleep. This is especially true with children, who need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep per night. Your pet may be taking up more than its fair share of space or kicking, snoring or barking to keep you awake at night.