Reuse, Recycle: Unique Projects to Repurpose Your Childhood Toys

Just think — in three short years, when people say, “That happened 30 years ago,” they’ll be referring to the year 1990. Let that sink in.

If you’re having a little trouble letting go of the past — specifically, your favorite items from the past — instead of signing up for the next season of “Hoarders,” try using some of these tips for reusing and upcycling your childhood toys!

Introduce your kids to the wonder of board games. Yes, Candy Crush and Angry Birds are great and Netflix binging is addicting, but there’s nothing better than sitting around the table with your family and enjoying some long overdue quality time. While some of your childhood toys may be in hopeless shape, board games never go out of style! Popular '80s and '90s board games like Clue, Connect Four, Candy Land and Boggle can still be found on shelves today (in case you’re missing a few pieces).

Dreaming of a Beanie Baby Christmas? Let’s face it. Somewhere, buried deep under a pile of other totes, you probably have a box full of mint-condition Beanie Babies with the tags still on. Enjoy the holiday season '90s style this year by handing out Beanie Babies instead of candy this Halloween (or with candy, if you don’t want your front yard covered in toilet paper), or consider creating a Beanie Baby-themed wreath or Christmas tree!

Rework your Rubik's Cube. If you’re still holding on that old Rubik's Cube (and still haven’t solved it!), consider giving it an upgrade. You can buy or make adhesive covers to change the color palette and texture of your Rubik's Cube, turning it into something completely new. Consider these gentlemanly textiles as a potential gift for dad, or mix it up with colors that let your personality shine!