Real Life Mixed Up Animals

Genetipetz loves mixing up animals to create new and exotic combinations, but sometimes Mother Nature does it all on her own. Hybrid animals are produced when two closely related animals from different species mate. Typically, the hybrid offspring are not fertile and therefore, not seen commonly in the wild. Check out these real life mixed up animals!
1. Mules
Probably the most well-known crossbreed, mules are the offspring of male donkeys and female horses. Bred for years for their usefulness, they typically combine the best aspects of horses and donkeys including long life spans, intelligence and steadiness.
2. Ligers and Tigons
Lion and tiger hybrids come in two different forms. When a male lion and a female tiger mate, the result is a liger, but when a female lion mates with a male tiger, the offspring is called a tigon. These crossbreeds are the largest felines in the world, and many scientists believe that a recessive gene found in both lions and tigers contributes to their massive size. Ligers have been known to reach more than 10 feet in length, and tigons are only slightly smaller.
3. Zebroid
A Zebroid is born when a zebra mates with another equine animal like a horse or a donkey. The moniker changes depending on the secondary animal, like Zorses (horse), Zonies (pony) and Zonkeys (donkey). The animal typically has some semblance of the Zebra stripes. What makes these mixed up animals particularly amazing is that Zebras and equine animals have a different number of chromosomes, which makes it impressive that these creatures even exist.
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