Quackalingo Finds His Voice, Part 1

Quackalingo was hiding from the other Genetipetz again. He really enjoyed hiding in the bushes where the brightly colored pink flowers grew. When Quackalingo stood very still on one of his long flamingo legs, he was completely camouflage. He was about to jump out and scare Snurtlegator and Mouseaphant, who were walking by, when he noticed Dr. Genetipetz heading toward the clubhouse with a handful of thick, important-looking papers.
Feeling curious, Quackalingo abandoned his fun to instead follow the good doctor to the clubhouse. After Dr. G walked inside, Quackalingo counted to 10 before following silently. When he peaked around the corner of Dr. G’s office, he found it empty. Just as he was about to head back to his hiding spot, he noticed that the stack of papers was sitting on the desk.
Quackalingo wasn’t sure whether or not he should read the doctor’s papers, but his curiosity took over, and he hurried to the desk and scanned the pages. The papers were accounts of each Genetipetz creature: where they were found, what they looked like, their characteristics and even what they liked to eat. Quackalingo shuffled through them until he found the one with his picture on it.
What will Quackalingo find on his Genetipetz file? Check in next week to find out!