Piguin Prepares for Winter, Part 4

Piguin looked out at his friends, wondering what to do. He wanted to make them feel safe and happy again. As he climbed up on a small mound of dirt, every eye was on him and the questions started coming so fast, he couldn’t answer one before another one was asked.
When will the snow get here?
Where can we go?
Will it hurt us?
What does it feel like?

Piguin held up his one flipper to silence the crowd.
“Don’t worry everyone—everything is going to be okay,” he began. “I know you are all afraid of the snow because you have never seen it. But there is nothing to be afraid of. Change is part of life.” Everyone was still looking at him, waiting to learn how to live with the snow, so he kept going.
“We all change as we get older: we get bigger, we grow more fur and we learn to run faster to catch our food. Just like we change, so do the seasons. Each season has its own special feeling and fun activities. When the snow comes, we will be able to play in it just like we do the flowers in the spring, the pond in the summer and the leaves in the fall. And after winter has taken its turn, the season will change again,” Piguin said.
“So … it isn’t scary?” Quackalingo asked.
“No Quackalingo … I promise you will love it!” Piguin said.
Piguin and his friends talked for hours, and he told them stories about sliding down snowy hills and looking for colored pebbles hiding in the white snow at his old home. They were all about to head home from the clearing when Quackalingo screamed excitedly, “THERE IT IS!”
Piguin looked up at the sky and saw the first snowflakes of winter falling down.