Obedience 101: 5 Tips & Tricks for Training Your Dog

The way they jump up to greet you, run and play and go berserk when they see other furry friends — while your puppy’s quirks will seem cute for a little while, it is important to train your pooch in good behavior and obedience. The longer you wait, the less likely you will ever get them to obey commands. If you’re having trouble laying down the law (not that we blame you — there’s a reason for the phrase “puppy dog eyes”), check out these tips and tricks for training your dog!

1. Use positive reinforcement. While you don’t want to overuse treats, rewarding your pup for obeying your commands — either with treats, belly rubs or other types of affection — is the best effective way to effect behavior.

2. Be consistent with your commands. Choose a hand signal or word for each command (like saying sit and pointing down or making a fist) and stick with it! Changing your commands will only serve to confuse you and Fido.

3. Be aware of tone of voice. Dogs don’t speak human — duh — so words alone are not enough to get your point across. Use soft, happy tones to shower praise and harder, louder tones for disapproval.

4. Be realistic. If you’re an impatient person, pet ownership may not be for you. Your dog will not change his or her behavior overnight. Important tasks like potty training and leash training take time, and even extras like learning to sit, stay and fetch will take consistent reinforcement. Don’t set your expectations too high.

5. Consider a class. Just because your dog is struggling with you doesn’t mean they’ll never get the hang of whatever you’re trying to teach them. Some pups needs more discipline than others. If you’re still struggling after several weeks of consistent practice, consider enrolling Fido in obedience school. Then you can be a proud parent at their graduation!

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