New Year’s Resolutions — Kids’ Edition: Mix it Up This Year

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Adults are constantly making lists of boring, cliché New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, eat healthier, save money, etc. However, most of these resolutions fall by the wayside well before Feb. 1. It’s time for kids to show them how it’s done. Bettering yourself and setting goals is not just for grown-ups. Kids have a drive and a passion to succeed that every adult could learn from. Try making a New Year’s resolution, and 2017 will be your best year yet! Check out these ideas from Genetipetz for mixing up your resolutions.

1. Clean out your closet … but not in the boring way that mom does it. Get yourself three large cardboard boxes and label them KEEP, DONATE, and TOSS. This way, you won’t feel bad about getting rid of items you don’t really want (like that sweater grandma got you for Christmas last year!). Decide which items and pieces of clothing are still usable and donate those that aren’t to a family in your neighborhood or a local clothing pantry. If you find any junk (and we’re sure you will), toss it on the garbage pile.

2. Practice random acts of kindness. National Random Acts of Kindness Day is Feb. 17, but you don’t have to wait until then. This is something you can do off and on for the entire year. Mow your neighbor’s lawn, help your mom put away groceries, or share your snack with a friend at school. Acts of kindness can be small or large, but the main things are completing the task without being asked and without expecting anything in return.

3. Perform better in school. If school is not really your thing, don’t worry — you’re not alone. While you may not be a straight-A student, it is important to always try your best. This year, set small goals like paying better attention in class, asking your teacher for extra credit work, doing your homework immediately after school every day, or studying for at least 30 minutes per day. These may seem like small goals, but setting and meeting them will lead to an upswing in your grades and your self-esteem!

4. Practice your passion. What are you passionate about? Sports? Music? Dancing? Whatever it is, give it your all. If you love playing the piano, set a goal to practice at least three times each week. If you love basketball but haven’t made the team yet, set aside 30 minutes each day for free throws. You’ll improve your skills, and you’ll have a great time doing it!