​Mooraffe and the Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek, Part 3

Mooraffe told her friends about the game and the guidelines she had agreed to with Singolo.

The rules were simple:
1. The hiders must be in a hiding position by the time the sun was directly overhead.
2. Once you chose a hiding spot, you were not allowed to move from that spot.
3. The seekers were to meet in the clearing by the pond and would all be released at the same time.
4. The team of seekers who finds the most members of the other team by sundown would be the champion.
“If we win, I am going to rub it in Singolo’s face for the rest of the winter!” declared Snurtlegator.
“If we lose, I might have to move to a different forest … or back to the DNA islands,” said Mouseaphant.
Mooraffe was saddened by her friends’ outlook on the game.  She tried to reason with them. “Guys! This game of hide and seek is supposed to be about having fun!”
Snurtlegator laughed, “How is it fun if we don’t win?”
Mooraffe thought about how to explain. “We get to spend time together as friends, explore the forest, and maybe settle our differences with the Singoloz Force. That sounds like fun to me!” she said.
“Speak for yourself,” grumbled Snurtlegator.
Will Mooraffe be able to convince Snurtlegator to practice good sportsmanship? Check in next week to find out!