MixedUP Holiday Madness: Planning the Perfect Party

mixed up holidays

The holiday season has officially arrived. If you’re looking to celebrate in style by planning a big shindig with all of your friends, you might be wondering if there is a way to invite everyone, including friends and family of different faiths and practices. If you’re working on the holiday party of the season and feeling a little mixed up, don’t panic — we’ve got you covered. Check out these tips for throwing the perfect multi-faith, multicultural, mixed-up holiday extravaganza.

1. When you’re decorating, either go all out or very minimalistic. If you’re incorporating all of the different holidays that take place in December, be sure your decorations include (but are not limited to) a Christmas tree, a menorah and a kinara (a candleholder used in celebrating the seven nights of Kwanzaa). If you want to host a party without all the muss and fuss, choose the minimalist route and hang a few lights for mood and possibly some tasteful garland. Either way, your guests will be impressed.

2. Plan a menu with pizazz. Planning and making different dishes will be a super fun part of planning your party. A traditional Christmas meal can vary according to what part of the country you live in (think seafood in the Northeast, a big Italian meal or the run-of-the-mill turkey/ham with all of the fixings). Incorporate elements of a traditional Kwanzaa meal with African creole, Cajun-spiced dishes, jerk chicken, rice, collard greens or grits. Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of oil recounted in the Old Testament, so it is traditional to eat some type of fried food like a potato pancake or latke. You might save the Hanukkah portion of your celebration for dessert and try your hand at homemade doughnuts!

3. Mix up the madness with a hodgepodge of traditional games. Whether you’re spinning the dreidel or having a Christmas/Kwanzaa recipe exchange, your guests are sure to love the effort you put into celebrating what is great about a variety of traditions.