Happy Father’s Day: 3 Best Dads in the Animal Kingdom

Best Dads in the Animal Kingdom

Dads are the best! Not only do they work hard to provide us with food, water, shelter, and clothes; they come home after long days at work to cheer us on at the big game, mow the yard, fire up the grill, and help tuck us into bed at the end of the day.

Dads don’t usually get as much credit as moms for completing our families, but there’s no doubt that dads are special. Human dads aren’t the only ones that help take care of their young. Across the globe, super cool species of dads are helping make this MixedUp world go round. Check out this list from mixedUPPETS of the best dads in the animal kingdom!

1. Lions. While female lions are the predominate caretakers of young cubs, male lions are fierce protectors. According to Animal Planet, a lion’s eyesight is up to five times better than a human’s, and they can hear their prey up to two miles away. 

2. Golden Jackal. Found in India, golden jackals mate for life, unlike many other animals. While in most species the female is in charge of feeding the young, male jackals chew up the food, regurgitate it and feed it to their young. It’s super gross, but … way to go, dad!

3. Gorillas. Male gorillas can be in charge of clans as large as 30. The male leader is in charge of finding food for the group, which is impressive when considering some gorillas eat up to 50 pounds of food EVERY DAY. Whoa. Male gorillas also tend to let the females eat first — what gentlemen — and protect their young by fighting off other males, beating their chests, and charging at potential threats. They are also known for playing with their young! How sweet.