Halloween Costumes for your Pet


Besides getting candy, the best part of Halloween is dressing up! You spend weeks perfecting the perfect costume, and in the end, it definitely pays off. Picking the perfect costume for your pet can be a bit more challenging. Check out a few of the best pet costumes to get you (and your pet) ready for this magical holiday!


  1. Matching costumes: Include your pet in your costume. This adorable idea might even earn you some extra candy if you bring them along with you. Now that’s what I call a real trick!
  2. Animals: Dressing your pet up as another animal is not only hilarious, but it’s also adorable! Cats as dogs, dogs as cats, you could even take it one step further and dress them like an insect. Dogs with butterfly wings and cats with ladybug spots will be sure to bring in big laughs!
  3. Superheroes: If you’re looking for a super costume for your pet then a superhero costume just makes sense! This idea works well if you have more than one pet. You could easily have Batman and Robin or Superman and Wonder Woman. If you have a lot of pets, you could even have the Avengers!
  4. Beanie Babies: If you have a pet that doesn’t like to be dressed up, don’t worry because this is the perfect costume for your pet! Relatively simple to make, Beanie Babies only require the pet to wear a heart-shaped tag around their neck. It won’t be uncomfortable for them to wear so they probably won’t try to get it off, making it the perfect costume for stubborn pets!



This list is just the beginning of the countless ideas for a pet-friendly Halloween. Now you just have to get your pet ready for Halloween and wait for the tricks and treats this holiday brings!