Genetipetz Fun Facts: Life Lessons with Piguin

Piguin - pig + penguin!

With the DNA of both a pig and a penguin, Piguin has a lot of strengths. From its pig half, Piguin gets its smarts and social abilities. Pigs are as smart (or smarter) than dogs, and they can even distinguish between their pig friends and strangers. From its penguin side, Piguin gets a big helping of dapper charm, particularly from their fancy tuxedo pattern feathers. While they walk across the ice with a slow waddle, but they can shoot like a bullet through the water while swimming. All these strengths give Piguin its unique personality.

You too have many strengths inside you! And the best way to show them off is to use your strengths to make the world a better place. Are you smart like Piguin? If you're a good student, help out some of your friends and classmates who need a little more help with the assignments. Are you a social butterfly who can make friends very easily? Use that strength to help your shy friends by introducing them to new people and helping them come out of their shell. Are you a very giving and generous person? Let that shine a little bit every day by offering to pick up chores around the house, or helping an elderly neighbor with their yard work and gardening. 

Everyone has something they're good at, and each of us can show off those great strengths in our own way. Find yours and let the world see it!