Genetipetz Fun Facts: Leadership Lessons from Hawx

Hawx, part hawk, part fox are leaders

Being a kid today can be tough. In a society that claims to value individuality, it’s easier than ever to be a follower. Part fox, part hawk, Hawx are known for their leadership, cleverness, speed, and stealth, and they have a lot of important lessons to teach modern kids. If you’re struggling to follow your heart and be a leader in your school, at home, or with your friends, check out these tips from Hawx!

1. How can you be a leader at your school?

Just like the different species of Genetipetz roam the forests of the DNA Islands, hundreds of different students with different personalities, beliefs, experiences, likes, and dislikes roam the halls of your school each day. So how can you be a leader and a voice in your school instead of just blending in? Hawx are leaders among the other Genetipetz, always standing up for what’s right. If you see someone being picked on at school, step up and say something. If there is something you’re passionate about, like helping kids who don’t have the same opportunities as you, talk to your teacher or principal about ways you can help them together. Join different teams, clubs, and activities so you can meet different people with different views. Listening and learning from other people is a great way to learn lessons in leadership!

2. How can you be a leader in your home?

While your parents are obviously the leaders in your home, that doesn’t mean you cannot help them. Hawx often use their stealth and cleverness to help catch food and solve problems for some of the other Genetipetz. If you have younger brothers and sisters, use your leadership skills to help your parents by taking care of them, getting them ready for bed, or packing lunches. If you are the youngest, ask your parents how you can help around the house by taking on extra chores.

3. How can you be a leader when you’re with your friends?

Standing up to our friends can be one of the hardest lessons to learn. While these are the people we enjoy spending time with and telling our secrets to, everyone messes up sometimes. Hawx often have to use their leadership skills to mediate conflicts between other species in the forest, even though it does not always make them the most popular animals. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends what you think. If they are your real friends, they will listen to you.