Genetipetz Fun Facts: Hide-and-Seek with Skoink

hide and seek with Skoink

A word to the wise — if you’re engaged in a game of hide-and-go-seek with a Skoink, think twice before sneaking up on them. Super smart and known for their sense of humor, a Skoink won’t hesitate to spray you with their super-powered stink when surprised!

Described as funny, friendly, clever and smart, Skoinks are great at hiding and truly love a rousing game of hide-and-seek with their closest friends. But they aren’t the first to play it! Hide-and-seek is similar to a Greek game called apodidraskind, which was first described by Greek writer Julius Pollux in the second century, and it is played in different ways by children all over the world. For example, the Igbo children of southeastern Nigeria play oro, which combines hide-and-seek and freeze tag. Players start by drawing a circle in the sand. Then the seeker stands in the middle of the circle while the other players hide. Once all the players are hidden, the seeker finds and chases them, but if they make it inside the circle before they are tagged, they are safe.

Hide-and-seek has inspired many similar games, including spotlight, which is hide-and-seek played at night with flashlights (or maybe cell phones today), and the wave game, another hide-and-seek and freeze tag combo! If you’re playing with a Skoink, you might end the night with a snack of truffles, wildflowers, egg rolls, or squash, but we suggest ending the day with some ice cream!

How have you put your own spin on hide-and-seek? Whether it is playing in an unusual location or making up your own rules, we want to hear about it!