Game of Thrones: Finding Confidence

Dolphin Confidence

In today’s world, you can hardly go a day without hearing words like cyber-bullying. It's hard to be a kid, and it’s even harder to navigate relationships and find a balance between confidence, arrogance, humility and timidness. If you are struggling for a way to teach your children about self-confidence and standing up for themselves, there’s no better place to look than the animal kingdom. Use these fierce favorites to make sure you’re raising confident, strong children.

Dolphins. Dolphins are a great example of how all humans share more similarities than differences. Dolphins are intelligent — they even call each other by name — but they also experience emotions and develop relationships with one another.

Chimpanzees. A study by Georgia State University shows that chimps show confidence just like humans and demonstrate that confidence by taking what they think they have earned. This is a great lesson in self-confidence. It is okay to recognize your achievements without being labeled as arrogant.

Birds and bees. Part of learning humility is acknowledging that we need each other. Birds exist in flocks and bees in swarms so they can maintain their ecosystems and remain safe. While it is okay to be confident and proud, children should know how to ask for help without being seen as weak.

Lions. The lion is often a sign of dominance, strength, and pride. This is because lions proudly flaunt their strength through almost every action — how they hunt, how they choose a mate, you name it. Young males are always pushed out of the pack once they can make it on their own because there is only room for one leader in every pride. The lion is a great example of teaching leadership skills, as the male lion leads his pack. It’s always worth mentioning that being a good leader means looking out for the smallest and the weakest members of your pack.