Dr. Genetipetz Guide to Best presents for Pets at the holidays

Presents for your pet

While you are making your Christmas list this year, don’t forget about your pet! It's enjoyable to get gifts from Santa and your family, but it can also be fun to give presents as well. Since your pet can’t tell you exactly what he or she wants for Christmas, we have created a list of some gifts we think they would love to receive.


  1. Treats: Pets of all kinds, from dogs to lizards to birds, LOVE treats! During the holiday season, there are many themed treats available at your local pet store, and you will have a blast picking out a huge bone or some delicious catnip for your animal friend.
  2. Toys: Just like treats, toys are a fun way to spoil your pet. Squeaky toys, scratchy toys, and silly toys will even be fun for you as well!
  3. Water and Food Bowls: Are your pets eating and drinking in style? If not, update your pet’s water and food bowls to something shinier or more colorful. You can even personalize the gift by getting their name put on the front!
  4. Bed: If you have a furry, four-legged friend, a new comfy bed would be a perfect way to show how much you love them. This gift will give your pet a cozy place to cuddle under the tree after a busy Christmas morning.
  5. Collar: Just like the food and water bowls, a collar is a great way to give a personalized gift for your pet. There are so many cute collars out there, and you might even be able to find a leash to match!


Hopefully, this list got you very excited to surprise your pet on Christmas morning! The most important thing to remember when shopping for your pets is to always get a safe gift. Check with your parents to make sure that the gift you are getting is right for your pet so that your pet can have a fun, safe holiday season!