Crazy Cat Lady: Obsessive Things People do for Their Pets

Here at Genetipetz, it’s obvious that we love animals—but some of the owners of the 164 million pets in America have proved that they really, really love their animals!
Who could blame them? Animals are kind, cute and provide us with unconditional love. However, there is the occasional animal-lover that takes things to the next level—or way past the next level! Here we’ve listed some of the most obsessive (and in some cases, downright crazy) things people do for their pets.
1. Take them to the spa.
In any given city across the United States, you can now find a lavish spa … just for pets. Dog spas in particular offer a variety of services, including oatmeal baths, hot oil treatments, stain removal washes, teeth brushings, pedicures, ear cleaning, hair removal, skin treatments, makeovers and more. Now we know what dogs dream about when they’re sleeping!
2. Dress them in clothes … and jewelry … and costumes.
When your pet’s wardrobe is better than yours, you might have some issues. Designer lines created entirely for dogs and cats have made millions selling everything from polos and tutus to real diamond collars and leashes. Pet Halloween costumes are also all the rage.
3. Feed them gourmet pet food.
Keeping pets healthy is an important part of ensuring they live long, happy lives. However, buying them organic, gourmet, premium food is outrageous. Some people even go so far as to make all of their pet’s food at home so they can control everything that goes in it.
4. Let them sleep in your bed.
According to the American Pet Products Association, nearly half of all pet dogs and 62 percent of pet cats sleep in their owners’ beds. However, pets may be bringing more than just themselves into our beds, including fleas, ticks and other pests. Sleeping with your pet may also deprive you of a quality night’s sleep.
5. Create them personal social media accounts.
Perhaps the most ridiculous of all obsessive pet behaviors is pets on social media. Many people create Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts just for their pets. Do we really need to say more about this?