Best Animal-Inspired Music Videos

Music videos dominate space and traffic on the internet. With the rise in live streaming popularity, more people than ever before are enjoying visual interpretations of their favorite songs. In 2015, Vevo reported 12 billion monthly views. As in all forms of art, animals make regular appearances in many music videos. Often a representation of courage, danger and exoticness, animals add a level of excitement to these performances. Check out our top picks for these animal-inspired music videos!

1. Black or White (1991), Michael Jackson. An anthem for equality, the Black or White music video features lions, tigers and horses (oh my!) along with some of your favorite Hollywood stars like Macaulay Culkin, George Wendt, Tyra Banks and Tess Harper.

2. Circus (2008), Britney Spears. Britney really is the ringleader in this ultra-entertaining video. No stranger to utilizing animals in performances, you’ll be captivated as she releases doves, tames lions and dances alongside elephants.

3. Can’t Hold Us (2013), Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The ceiling can’t hold all of the amazing wildlife in this music video! Wolves, camels and kangaroos are seen alongside these superstars as they pump up the party.

4. Roar (2013), Katy Perry. Take a trip with Katy Perry and find your self-confidence along the way. Face your fears as Katy comes face-to-face with tigers in the visual representation of her hit song, Roar, which she performed at the 2015 Super Bowl.

5. We are Never Getting Back Together (2012), Taylor Swift. Okay, so they’re not real animals. And we have no explanation for the role these people dressed as animals play in Swift’s video. Nevertheless, it’s always a party when Swift enters the room, even if that party includes lion, bear and donkey costumes.