Animal Rights with Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Supports Animals

It is great to see celebrities standing up for people and animals that can’t stand up for themselves. One of the most giving stars right now is Ellen DeGeneres. On and off her show she can be found devoting her time to causes that are close to her heart. Something she holds especially dear is her passion for animals, just like us! Below are some examples of how Ellen shows her love for animals and maybe they will inspire you to show your love too!


She thinks of creative ways to help. When Ellen hosted the Oscars, she used the event as an opportunity to help animals. She donated 200,000 meals to animals in shelters because she knows that no animal should go hungry, especially if they don’t have a home.


She knows it’s important for animals to be healthy, just like people. Ellen helped create a healthier version of dog food to make sure that our pets, like us, are getting the nutrition that they need.


She speaks up about animal rights. When the PETCO Foundation, an organization that helps animals, gave Ellen an award she spoke up about her hopes for the future of animal rights. Ellen said that she wishes everyone treated animals with love and respect so that one day, no one has to win an award for being kind to them. Even when she wins awards, she is thinking of the future and making the world a better place for all the cute critters out there!


You don’t have to be a celebrity to help animals, but it is always inspiring to see people you know helping causes that you care about. Ellen is a great role model, and we are glad we have someone like her to look up to!

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