A Rainbow of Animals

One of the best things about nature is the beautiful array of vibrant colors. From lush green rainforests to the magnificent rainbows that sometimes grace the sky, Mother Nature sure knows how to deliver picture-perfect color—and animals are no exception. Let’s celebrate diversity with this rainbow of animals!
Red Poison Dart Frogs are small, tropical amphibians that are native to regions like Costa Rica and Brazil. Their coloring can actually be yellow, copper, red, green, blue or black, and their elaborate designs ward off potential predators, a defense mechanism called aposematic coloration.
The South American Guianan cock-of-the-rock (yes, that is the actual name!) is a vibrant orange bird found in tropical rainforests. The male’s plumage is bright orange, while the females are brown in color. During mating season, the males compete in a variety of behaviors to attract the females, including flashing their bright feathers.
When you think of crabs, you probably think about the bright red legs that you crack open to dip in butter sauce. However, yellow crabs are common within their species. The Fiddler Crab in particular has a beautiful yellow shell with white claws and black eyes. They are known for conducing elaborate courtship rituals during which they flex their claws to impress the females and intimidate other males.
While you wouldn’t want to meet one in a dark alley, the green ball python is a beautiful jewel-toned green. They have a tendency to coil into a tight ball when threatened, and they constrict to kill their prey. It is thought that African rulers once wore these snakes around their necks like jewelry because of their bright color.
The Maltese tiger, also known as the blue tiger, has been sighted in many places (including China and Korea), though its existence has not been proven. It is reported to have bluish fur with dark grey stripes.