​7 Ways Animals Show Kindness

When you learned about the animal kingdom in science class, you probably learned about the ferocity and survival-instinct that lives inside many species. While animals do what they need to in order to survive, many species also show kindness to their fellow creatures and the planet. Check out this totally adorable list of ways animals show kindness.
1. Cows have best friends. According to scientists, cows have best friends and may even become stressed when they are separated.
2. Squirrels plant trees. Millions of trees are inadvertently planted every year by squirrels who forget where they put their nuts. How green of them!
3. Sea otters hold hands. A pair of sea otters in Washington State was captured holding hands while sleeping. Scientists concluded that the otters held hands to stop themselves from drifting apart during their nap. Awwwh.
4. Some species of penguins propose to their life mates with a pebble. You’re probably familiar with this ritual from the much-loved animated movie The Pebble and the Penguin.
5. Like penguins, sea horses also have monogamous life mates, and they often travel holding each other’s tales. Seahorses court for several days, a process which synchronizes their movements. They swim side by side and hold each other’s tales.
6. Worms communicate by snuggling. You probably thought there was absolutely nothing adorable about worms, but you were wrong. Research from the Rockefeller University has shown that the RMG neuron in worms help them make decisions by touching.
7. Elephants show empathy to each other and other species. They mourn their dead and sometimes put themselves in harm’s way to help protect other types of animals.
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