5 Weirdest Animals in the World

Genetipetz brings together the world’s most beloved animals to make pets that are unique, fun and, well … weird. However, Mother Nature has a few real life weird animals of her own! Nature is filled with unusual hybrids, mindboggling creatures and virtually unknown species that make even scientists scratch their heads. Here we’ve listed what we believe to be the Top 5 Weirdest Animals in the World.
5. Leafy seadragon
Leafy seadragons are said to resemble a piece of drifting seaweed. With the green, orange and gold hues on their bodies, they are covered in leaf-like appendages. They can sit incredibly still, and only when they flutter their fins of move their eyes do they reveal their presence. Leafy seadragons have no teeth and no stomachs, and they eat only mysidopsis shrimp. 
4. Angora rabbit
Angora rabbits are kept as domestic pets and bred specifically for their long, soft hair. Their facial features are barely visible beneath the mountain of fur. The species originated in Ankara, Turkey (along with the Angora cat and Angora goat), and their wool-like hair can be removed by shearing or plucking and used as material for clothes and other material items.
3. Sloth
If you’ve seen this clip of actress Kristin Bell on The Ellen Show, you probably know a little bit about sloths. Small mammals that live in Central and South America, many people keep sloths as pets. They are furry omnivores that eat insects, small lizards, buds and leaves and live in trees.
2. Blobfish
Blobfish are exactly what they sound like—a large, gelatinous blob with few other features. They live in the deep waters off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. They are rarely ever seen by humans because they live at depths where the pressure in much higher than at sea level. Their buoyancy is maintained by their gelatinous flesh that is slightly less dense than water, allowing them to float without expending energy.
1. Platypus
If you grew up watching Phineas and Ferb, you probably adore Perry the Platypus. Semi-aquatic mammals native to Australia, platypuses are the only mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young. Their duck bills and large tails make them truly unique creatures.
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