5 Best Fairy Tale Animals

People love animals. If it isn't obvious by the obsessive measures we take to ensure the happiness of our pets or the hours we spend watching animal videos on the Internet, then another indicator might be that even though there are millions of different animal varieties that already exist, we spend much of our time and imaginations creating new animals.
Many imaginary animals are even more loved than those that exist in real life, such as the revered dragon in folklore or the fearsome wargs that the orcs ride into battle in Lord of the Rings. Not only do humans spend hours creating new, exciting species, but we love to give them human characteristics. In a perfect world, animals would talk, think and save the world like the hero in your favorite fairy tale. Here are our top five best fairy tale animals.
1. Hippogriff. A beloved species from the Harry Potter franchise, hippogriffs have the front quarters of an eagle and the hindquarters of a horse. First mentioned by the poet Virgil, the most noteworthy hippogriff to date is Buckbeak, who helps save Harry’s godfather from execution.
2. The frog prince. While frogs are real animals, the fairy tale frog that can turn into a prince with a kiss is the basis for a variety of lore.
3. Dragons. Perhaps the most loved fairy tale creature, dragons play everything from fearsome beasts that guard castles to strong, helpful animals that can be trained for battle. With scales, wings and the ability to breathe fire, dragons encompass all of the excitement we yearn for in our imaginary creatures.
4. Big Foot. Have you seen him? Big Foot has been seen by people across cultures and continents. Big Foot, the Abominable Snowman, Yeti—no matter what you call him, this imaginary creature has stirred imaginations for decades.
5. Disney animals. Talking mice that sew, forest animals that sing and lions that fight for their place in the animal kingdom—Disney does fairy tales like no one else, and animals often play leading roles in these narratives.