5 Best Children’s Movies About Animals

Animal and the Movies

Movies are a great way to learn new things in a fun way and open your eyes to different points of view. Some of the best movies show a look into the worlds of different animals. Compassion, understanding, and patience are just some of the qualities we can find when stepping inside the animal world. Below are five of the best movies about animals and the lessons they teach.

  1. The Fox and the Hound: This movie is a classic example of a great animal movie. Not only does it teach us not to judge a book by its cover, but it also shows us the importance of friendship. This sweet tale is a must watch but be warned — it might make you cry!
  2. Finding Nemo: The importance of family is the main theme of this popular Pixar film, but it also teaches us that friendship can be found even in the most unlikely of places. Joined by new friend Dory, Marlin tries to find his son, Nemo, and the characters they meet along the way are as interesting as they are helpful.
  3. Because of Winn-Dixie: Because of Winn-Dixie is a movie based on a very good children’s book. It follows the adventures of Opal and her dog, Winn-Dixie, who helps her overcome a hard time and meet new friends. This movie proves that dogs truly are man’s best friend and that stepping outside of your comfort zone can bring wonderful surprises.
  4. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey: This movie is all about adventure! When three pets get separated from their family, they must work together to get back to where they belong. They travel through woods, over mountains, and around rivers, all while overcoming their differences and learning to work together. Homeward Bound shows that adventure is full of excitement but there’s no place like home.
  5. Zootopia: When you believe in yourself you can achieve great things which is exactly what the rabbit, Judy, shows in Zootopia. Many of the other animals doubt her ability to be a great police officer, but she knows that she can do whatever she puts her mind to, which is what leads her to succeed. Always believe in yourself!