5 Best Animal Movies of All Time

There is no shortage of animal lovers in America. From possessive pet owners to animal hoarders to those weird people who dress their dogs up in dresses (no offense!), we absolutely adore our furry friends. No wonder there have been hundreds of movies made featuring animals of every kind as leading lads and "lassies". In no particular order, here are five of the best animal movies of all time.
1. Babe (1995)
Who knew a talking pig could so easily capture our hearts? The story of Babe, a pig who wants to be a sheepdog, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture for its heartwarming storyline (and maybe it’s impressive 1995 graphics!).
2. Old Yeller (1957)
A movie that has truly stood the test of time, Old Yeller pulls on the heartstrings whether you’ve seen it once or 100 times. Post-Civil War Texas is home to the Coates family. When son Travis finds a yellow dog in the cornfield, Old Yeller truly becomes part of the family.
3. Homeward Bound (1993)
Every kid love Chance the bulldog, Shadow the golden retriever and Sassy the cat! When these pets are seemingly abandoned by their family, they journey through the California forest to find them.
4. Beethoven (1992)
Even with all of its sequels, Beethoven never gets old! The world’s favorite St. Bernard, Beethoven drives his owner crazy with his slobbery kisses and knack for destruction (everyone remembers Beethoven shaking off his dirty coat in slow motion).
5. 101 Dalmatians (1961)
101 Dalmatians makes everyone want to own 101 cute little puppies, like only a Disney film can do! When a couple’s Dalmatian dogs give birth to 15 puppies, villain Cruella De Vil makes it her mission to steal them to make a genuine spotted fur coat. 

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