In the Kitchen with Mouseaphant

Mouseaphants may be easily scared, but their knack for strategy and love of foods like cheese, cream puffs, cashews and apples make them handy helpers in the kitchen! Check out […]

Wacky Wildlife: Top 10 Weirdest Animal Behaviors

We think it’s safe to say that people are weird. We dress up our pets, participate in bad fashion trends and spend hours watching animated television shows. But nonhuman animals […]

Fan Friday Mixie of the Week: Bumbleshark

Mixie of the week goes to Brady’s Bumbleshark! New animals are now available to mix at Play for free today!

Top 5 Reasons Genetipetz Make Great Gifts

The holiday season is in full swing, and that means parties, family get-togethers, festive music and exchanging gifts! It seems that the people we love the most can often be […]

Fan Friday MixedUPPET of the Week: Pigaphant

Have you ever met a Pigaphant?  He’s part little piggy and part super smart elephant!  Congratulations to Tom for his mixedUPPET of the Week! Make your own mixies at  

Wacky Wednesday Frog Fact

When a frog catches an insect, it throws its sticky tongue out of it’s mouth and wraps it around its prey. The frog’s tongue then snaps back and throws the […]

5 Best Fairy Tale Animals

People love animals. If it isn't obvious by the obsessive measures we take to ensure the happiness of our pets or the hours we spend watching animal videos on the […]

Wacky Wednesday Science Fact: Black Bear Hibernation

Bears don't go into complete hibernation like rodents. Their body temperature drop by 7-8 degrees, and their heart rates slow from 50 beats per minute to about 10 beats per […]