Wacky Wednesday Science Fact: Flamingos

"Flamenco" refers to the bright color of the birds' feathers.Let our favorite flamingo hybrid help you with your Thanksgiving meal!

​In the Kitchen with Quackalingo

Quackalingos are the first to arrive and the last to leave at any party! While they are not known for their leadership in a group, they are known for their […]

Fan Friday MixedUPPET of the Week: ZebrEnguinPhant

Have you seen this week’s MixedUPPET of the Week? Congratulations to Cailyn for her creation, the ZebrEnguinPhant (that’s a zebra + penguin + elephant)! We love it! Make your own […]

Wacky Wednesday Science Fact: Black Rhino

Just like some trends from the early 2000s, certain animals are lost to us forever. One of these animals is the West African black rhino, which was declared extinct in […]

Fan Friday MixedUPPET of the Week: Snoose

Have you ever seen a Snoose loose in your neighborhood? Jenna’s combination of a moose and snail is this week’s MixedUPPET of the Week! Make your own wacky mixedUPPET at www.mixeduppets.com. […]

Wacky Wednesday Science Fact: Sea Otters

Monday in our post we discussed how sea otters hold hands to keep from drifting apart. They also use sliding as a form of play!  

​7 Ways Animals Show Kindness

When you learned about the animal kingdom in science class, you probably learned about the ferocity and survival-instinct that lives inside many species. While animals do what they need to […]

Wacky Wednesday Science Fact: I Am the Walrus

Walruses are among the largest fin-footed, semiaquatic marine mammals. Although they have an intimidating size, they are not aggressive. 

Genetipetz Playlist: Top 10 Animal-inspired Songs

What better way to mix things up than by hitting shuffle on your favorite playlist? Animals have long been an inspiration for the arts, and music is no exception. Check […]