Fan Friday MixedUPPET of the Week: Markey

What happens if you mix a shark and a monkey? Check out the Markey by our Fan Friday winner Xavier.  Make your own mixedUPPETS at and vote for your favorite combinations!

Real Life Mixed Up Animals

Genetipetz loves mixing up animals to create new and exotic combinations, but sometimes Mother Nature does it all on her own. Hybrid animals are produced when two closely related animals from […]

Fan Friday MixedUPPET of the Week: Flamider

Have you met the Flamider yet?  Part flamingo and part spider, Flamider would definitely take you by surprise if you spotted one in the wild. Congratulations Lillian for this Fan […]

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Top 10 Celebrity Pet Names

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Fan Friday MixedUPPET of the Week: TigerBug

Have you seen the TigerBug?  Ella’s mixedUPPETS creation is the cute combination of a tiger and a ladybug. Vote for your favorites and make your own MixedUPPET for free at

5 Best Animal Movies of All Time

There is no shortage of animal lovers in America. From possessive pet owners to animal hoarders to those weird people who dress their dogs up in dresses (no offense!), we […]