Fan Friday MixedUPPET of the Week: Moobat

Meet the Moobat—part moose and part bat! Dr. Genetipetz thinks this mixedUPPET is super cute! Congratulations Eve on your mixedUPPET of the week!  Make your own mixedUPPETS for free and […]

​Zebugraphant and the Big Trunk, Part 4

Zebugraphant didn’t even hesitate. She ran to the pond and sucked up as much water as she could through her trunk. Then she ran over to where Quackalingo stood and […]

Photo Friday: Blake Lively

Blake Lively looks good in everything, but the former Gossip Girl star and lead in the new hit movie The Age of Adeline knows how to rock a suit! Lively […]

Fan Friday MixedUPPET of the Week: Tigerphant

Have you seen the TIGERPHANT?  Part tiger, part elephant and totally awesome!  Congratulations to Jack for creating this great mixedUPPET of the Week!    Make your own mixedUPPETS at […]

Zebugraphant and the Big Trunk, Part 3

Zebugraphant walked over to another group of animals, deciding she would join their conversation, when she overheard Quackalingo whispering to Mooraffe. “She probably didn’t even get in the water. All […]

Fan Friday MixedUPPET of the Week: Peayako

Congrats to Genetipetz fanz Mel & Emma for their work creating the Peayako!  A truly fun mixedUPPET combining features from a peacock, yak and flamingo.  Have you made a mixedUPPET […]

Zebugraphant and the Big Trunk, Part 2

Before she could think about it much longer, Zebugraphant heard the sound of voices coming from the tree line. She knew that meant her friends were on their way to […]

Fan Friday: MixedUPPET of the Week!

MixedUPPET: Batrantrula Designer: Ricky Animals: Bat and spider Create your own Genetipetz characters with our MixedUPPETS Maker Game at for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page!