Never Fear, Photo Friday is Here!

Pop sensation Rihanna looks super hott in a suit and bowtie. No wonder she has been voted one of the sexiest women in music and Hollywood multiple times!

*Fan Friday: MixedUPPET of the Week*

Genetipetz Name: Udderly Ridiculous Designer Name: Liza Animals Used: Cow, Snail, Zebra Create your own Genetipetz characters with our MixedUPPETS Maker Game at for a chance to be featured on […]

​Mouseaphant and the Very Scary Stranger, Part 4

Mouseaphant stood frozen. Part of her wanted to go over and talk to the deer, but the overwhelming part of her feared the unknown. The animal was bigger than she […]

Keep Calm, It’s Photo Friday

We've exonerated celeb Joseph Gordon-Levitt before for his stellar style. He can be caught rocking the skinny tie regularly. The question is—can you?

Mouseaphant and the Very Scary Stranger, Part 3

After most of the Genetipetz had gathered at the pond for a morning dip and breakfast, they began to disperse. Mooraffe was trying to put together another game of hide […]

Fan Friday: MixedUPPET of the Week

Meet FISHGUIN! Part fish, part penguin, he was created by MixedUPPET user Nina. We're not entirely sure, but we assume he loves water and easily adapts to any temperature!  Make […]

Happy Happy Wacky Wednesday!

Female mice are called does, male mice are called bucks and baby mice are referred to as either pinkies (because of their bright pink color) or pups.

23 toys all Nineties kids desperately wanted

Do you remember these toys from the 90's?  What do you think a Mouseaphant would think of the Mousetrap Board Game?