​Snurtlegator and the Super-Secret Surprise, Part 4

Snurlegator slowly made his way back to his hole, but when he got there, he wasn’t even hungry enough to eat the kiwis and coco beans he had been saving. […]

Happy Wacky Wednesday!

The gender of the alligators is determined by the temperature of the nest. If it is above 93° F, all of the babies will be male. If it is below […]

Snurtlegator and the Super-Secret Surprise, Part3

“I just can’t believe he ran away without listening to what you had to say Hawx,” Mooraffe said in an annoyed tone. “Mouseaphant could have been really hurt, and Snurtlegator […]

Photo Friday: Celebrities & Pocket Squares

Usher proves that pocket squares can be classy or casual. Whether you're suiting up or hitting the club, check out Skinny Tie Madness' collection of snazzy pocket squares. Happy Friday! […]

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday!

Snake venom is a complex mixture of protein, and if a person is bitten, venom can spread very rapidly throughout the body. Baby snakes are actually the deadliest because they […]

Snurtlegator and the Super-Secret Surprise, Part 2

As Mooraffe and Quackalingo tried to calm Mouseaphant down, Hawx approached Snurtlegator with an angry look on his face.   “Snurtlegator, that wasn’t funny,” Hawx said. “Mouseaphant can’t swim!”   […]

Photo Friday with Skinny Tie Madness!

You can sport your skinny tie anytime, anywhere! Casual. Pair your skinny tie with a button-down shirt and jeans for a night out with friends or a casual date. Professional. […]