​Quackalingo Finds His Voice, Part 4

After a long night with little sleep, Quackalingo wondered down to the pond for a morning dip. He was looking forward to being alone, but when he got there, many […]

Quackalingo Finds His Voice, Part 3

When Quackalingo and Snurtlegator entered the clearing, all of the other Genetipetz were circled around Zebugraphant—as usual. Zebugraphant was part zebra, part elephant and part lady bug. All of the […]

Quackalingo Finds His Voice, Part 2

Everything seemed pretty normal. The paper said that Quackalingos were funny, friendly and clever and love lemons, gumdrops, SPAM and oranges. Quackalingo was about to leave the office when he […]

Quackalingo Finds His Voice, Part 1

Quackalingo was hiding from the other Genetipetz again. He really enjoyed hiding in the bushes where the brightly colored pink flowers grew. When Quackalingo stood very still on one of […]