​Leopotocrab’s Big Lie, Part 4

As Leopotocrab and Quackalingo approached the clearing, Leopotocrab’s heart felt like it was going to jump right out of his body.   “WAIT!” he screamed.   Quackalingo jumped at the […]

Wacky Wednesday’s Science Fact

Leopards can actually get up to 75 kph in short bursts, but they are still not as fast as the cheetah – the world's fastest animal at 97 kph. 

​Leopotocrab’s Big Lie, Part 3

Leopotocrab was lying in the frozen grass dreaming about the beach when all of a sudden, the sun was blocked out by a giant shadow.   “Oh, great,” he thought, […]

TGI Photo Friday

Piguins combine the intelligence of pigs with the dapper charm of penguins. Piguins love to wear costumes and to design new wild, wacky and fun hats! They speak almost any […]

​Leopotocrab’s Big Lie, Part 2

Leopotocrab was hanging from a tall, smooth rock with his suction cups when Skoink walked by. One of Leopotocrab’s favorite things to do was scare his friends. He was very […]

It’s Photo Friday Friends!

Quackalingos are very funny and extremely friendly! They can stand very still on one leg, which can make them hard to spot when they hide near bright colored flowers and bushes. […]

Photo Friday: Your favorite bow tie guy!

Did you know?  Bill Nye inherited a love of sundials from his father Ned and convinced NASA to include “MarsDials” (which he helped develop) on board the Spirit and Opportunity […]