​Mooraffe and the Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek, Part 4

The Singoloz Force arrived in the clearing just about the same time Mouseaphant, Hawx, Snurtlegator and Leopoctocrab were leaving in search of their hiding spots. Singolo sneered at Mooraffe, but […]

TGI Photo Friday!

Zebugraphant is part zebra, part lady bug and part elephant! With his intelligence, speed and cleverness, it’s no wonder everyone wants to be his friend!

​Mooraffe and the Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek, Part 3

Mooraffe told her friends about the game and the guidelines she had agreed to with Singolo. The rules were simple:   1. The hiders must be in a hiding position […]

Have you played a game at the Clubhouse?

Did you know that there are 7 free games available on the Genetipetz Clubhouse?  You can think up names for wacky combinations with the Genetitron Name Game, or color in […]