November Contest Winner!

Genetipetz is excited to announce its November contest winner. Congratulations Ricky Roman, and thank you for being such a huge fan! Ricky is the owner of a brand new Skoink […]

Piguin Prepares for Winter, Part 1

Piguin looked up at the gray sky and took a deep breath. He could smell it—winter was in the air and on its way.   Piguin loves winter. He used […]

Skoink Dares to be Different, Part 3

“You need to stand up for yourself Skoink! Don’t let other animals put you down! You are sweet, caring and an excellent hunter,” Hawx said matter-of-factly.   Skoink smiled. That […]

Skoink Dares to be Different, Part 2

Skoink was still sad about the ways his friends had been treating him, but he tried to remind himself of all his great qualities. He had excellent hearing and sense […]

Skoink Dares to be Different, Part I

Skoink woke up from yet another terrible dream. Every night for the past couple of weeks, he dreamed that he was in the middle of a circle, surrounded by his […]