Dr. Genetipetz Guide to Best presents for Pets at the holidays

Presents for your pet

While you are making your Christmas list this year, don’t forget about your pet! It's enjoyable to get gifts from Santa and your family, but it can also be fun to […]

Virtual pets you can adopt today!

mixedUPPETS World Virtual Pets

While it can be enjoyable to have a pet, not everyone can have one in real life. Some people have allergies, some people don’t have enough space, and sometimes pets […]

Animal Rights with Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Supports Animals

It is great to see celebrities standing up for people and animals that can’t stand up for themselves. One of the most giving stars right now is Ellen DeGeneres. On […]

Why Be Normal When You Can Be Unique

mixedUPPETS Unique Pets

The best part about our mixedUPPETS is that they are totally, 100% unique. There are no other animals quite like them and they love to embrace their differences. From the […]

Halloween Costumes for your Pet


Besides getting candy, the best part of Halloween is dressing up! You spend weeks perfecting the perfect costume, and in the end, it definitely pays off. Picking the perfect costume […]

Genetipetz Fun Facts: Mooraffe’s Guide to Learning New Things

Mooraffe Adventures Awaits

There is a first time for everything, like the first time you tried ice cream or the first time you rode a bike. Sometimes firsts can be scary, so it’s […]

MixedUP Slumber Party: The Best End of Summer Sleepover Ever

Slumber Party!

Summer's almost over, and it's time to stay up all night one last time! Grab your best buds and your favorite MixedUPPETS and plan to pull an all-nighter at the […]